Officially Certified


By: Kevin Biringer

Keith Rhodes, construction manager on the Hess Stampede project, recently studied for and passed the American Welding Society “Certified Welding Inspector” three-part exam. The exam consists of 3 sections: Fundamental Welding Knowledge, Inspection Practical Exam and Understanding of Industry Codes. He is now compliant with the requirements of AWS QC1 which is standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors.  Read More...

Dynamic Duo


By: Issac Dantin

Mark Doiron, operations lead and site-lifting coordinator, created a fantastic PowerPoint on some of the safety issues they were faced with at the BP PMF. Mark had an urgent matter to attend to so Warehouse Lead Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue stepped in to deliver the well prepared message to the team during the Quarterly Lifting Safety meeting at the PMF. That message was forwarded to the safety department at corporate headquarters and shared among the other work groups. Together, Mark and Penguin are a very successful one-two punch and we are glad they are in our corner!!! Read More...

Yo-yo Competition Heats Up


By: David Gravois

Our company-wide yo-yo competition continues and we want YOU to be a part of it! We will continue to distribute keepsake 70th anniversary yo-yos throughout the organization up until the competition deadline of Friday, December 1. We had some great participation for an impromptu yo-yo competition at the Safety Focus on September 18. Check out the video of these tricksters. Think you can do better than these guys? Read More...

Hunter Safety


By: Kent Bourg

We are finally easing into the greatest time of year—hunting season! For many of us, there is no greater feeling than being bundled up in warm camouflage clothes while sitting in the deer stand or duck blind, patiently waiting for that trophy buck or flock of mallards to come swooping in. Hunting can be a very safe and pleasurable hobby, but it can also be very dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Read More...

4WARD: Efficient Execution


By: Kevin Biringer

Chances are you’ve recently seen a news story about autonomous vehicles, drones delivering packages or the ability to turn your smartphone into a VR headset. But what does this all mean for our industry? and Danos? Read More...

Danos Ticket Winners


By: The Pipeline

Some lucky Danos employees recently won New Orleans Saints and LSU tickets through our company raffle, they shared pictures of their experience. Look s like they had a great time! Read More...

4WARD: Fabrication Focus


By: Mark Danos

​As noted over the last several months, our fabrication focus has helped us to distinguish between yard capability, aspirations, and current market opportunities. With a more intentional approach, we are seeing an encouraging trend that we have not seen in nearly 2 years—a growing backlog.The fabrication backlog is a measure of the health our shop and translates to how long we can keep the shop busy with no additional work. Read More...

Danos and Chevron 70 Years Strong


By: The Pipeline

The world has changed quite a bit over the last 70 years. The oil and gas industry has grown from a few small offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to the massive industry it is today. World oil production was only 8-million barrels a day in 1947, and the price of oil hovered around $2 a barrel. Read More...

Meet the Danos Foundation Committee


By: Nicole Williams

The Danos Foundation is proud to present its inaugural committee members. Each member brings unique experiences and skills to the team as we work to develop a strong foundation for this new company endeavor. ​The Danos Foundation committee meets monthly and is responsible for providing oversight, structure and leadership in the fulfillment of the foundation purpose to "Honor God, develop great people to solve big challenges for our communities." Read More...

4WARD: Permian Pursuit


By: David Poe

Danos purchased the assets of Renegade Backhoe Services (RBS) on August 15, 2017 and immediately expanded our relationship with our onshore customers in Texas. With a new operations facility in Levelland, Texas, the location will help Danos be more competitive in North Texas and Eastern New Mexico where our customers have construction projects and maintenance requirements. Read More...