The Story Of The Black-Bellied Whistling-Duck


By: Jay York

A few months ago, Danos Facility and Asset Manager Jay York reached out to Paul Link, North American waterfowl management plan coordinator for the Louisiana department of wildlife & fisheries, to inquire about tagging the Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks located at our corporate headquarters to find out where they migrate. Read More...

How Danos Gives Is Making An Impact In Our Communities


By: Melanie Toups

The Danos Foundation asks each grant recipient to provide a brief recap of how their organization used the grant they received from Danos Gives. Hope Extreme used their grant to focus on helping students have opportunities to learn and grow throughout the summer. Read More...

Inspector Finds Comfort in Competence


By: Bounty Fontenot

Lead Operator John Penton and his team at Eugene Island 276C recently received a great compliment from a BSEE inspector after a visit to their platform. The inspector said. Read More...

Ensuring Success On Mad Dog


By: Mark King

Offshore Logistics/HL Coordinator Chris Pitts has provided an incredible amount of support to ensure the ramp-up of personnel to support the Fabric Maintenance Flotel campaign BP’s Mad Dog platform goes as smoothly as possible. Here is what the customer had to say of his performance… Read More...

Permian Focus


By: Eric Danos

​This market is hot. Everywhere I go the Permian is being talked about. It’s in the news, it’s the subject of political debates and it’s being talked about throughout our community. The Permian is so significant on the world stage that it is reshaping long-standing international politics because of its influence on world energy markets. Grab a seat – we are on the front row to history being made. Read More...

A Look Back at the Danos Summer Internship Program


By: Stephen Donovan

At the beginning of the summer, Eric Danos asked the interns what we expected to get out of this internship experience. I said that I would like to learn how to work in a professional environment and what the day-to-day work process looks like. Throughout these eight weeks, I’ve learned that and more. Read More...

July Life Events


By: The Pipeline

Every month, we will continue to have a section celebrating all the special moments in our employees' lives that make life worth living. Whether it is a bringing a new life into the world or obtaining a degree, let us know, so we can share. Read More...

A Supervisor's Unwavering Commitment To His Personnel


By: The Pipeline

Carl Naquin, Danos field foreman at ST-151, made an interesting call on the radio. He had been talking back and forth with operators on another platform dealing with readings and pressures, etc. One comment he made really stood out. He said, "I can explain to the customer why we didn’t get much work done today, but...Read more Read More...

Getting Out? Get 'Em On!


By: Issac Dantin

Did you know we've had more hand injuries in the past 6 months than we had all of last year? Please set aside 3 minutes to watch a video featuring Owner Mark Danos and Safety Manager Issac Dantin explaining how you can prevent hand injuries. Read More...

Danos Duo Shares Tech Knowledge with Local School


By: Sonny Orgeron

Network Administrator Corey Stein (left) and Systems Analyst Larry Fonseca (right) recently visited Messiah Montessori School in Houma, La., to help solve some networking issues. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they were able to get the network running smoothly again. Read More...