Service from Scaffolding


By: Clay Daugherty

​Recently, the Danos scaffolding crew consisting of Jose Gonzales and Brian Ray received praise from customer Exxon Mobil Pipeline. The duo provided support to the Danos electrical crew at the customer’s St. James dock working to repair dock lighting. According to Danos Electrical Foreman Harry Ford, “the scaffold crew did an awesome job. Read More...

Virtual Shell Safety Day


By: Tom Broom

In early June, 197 Danos employees participated in 12 different Shell Safety Day meetings virtually, on nine offshore assets, at Port Fourchon and at the Morgan City Terminal. Danos enthusiastically supports the application of the concept of "human performance" and adopting more of a "learner mindset" to help Danos and Shell better manage risks. Read More...

Worley Reaches 20 Years


By: Eric Hood

Danos Paint Foreman Clint Worley recently celebrated 20 years of working with Danos. Owner Hank Danos and Operations Manager Eric Hood were on hand to help him mark the occasion. "Clint is dependable, hardworking and an asset to Danos," says Eric. Read More...

I&E Provides Service to Eni


By: Chris Baudoin

​Earlier this year, Eni Project Engineer Manuel Lopez expressed issues he was seeing with a hydraulic power unit (HPU) for a subsea well on MC365A. The HPU was malfunctioning, starting and stopping every five minutes. Read More...

Tyler Evans Exhibits High-Performance Culture


By: Issac Dantin

​Danos Applications Developer Tyler Evans has exemplified several of our Danos high-performance culture traits, but the one that stands out the most is Bias to Action. Tyler discovered the efficiency gaps in safety and dove in headfirst to see our needs met. Read More...

Innovative Portal Improves Safety


By: Tyler Evans

The Danos Safety Portal is a web-based, mobile-friendly application designed to increase the accessibility, visibility and analytical capabilities of Danos’ safety data. The system allows for quick and easy entry of data for key, safety-driven processes and procedures. Management can quickly search, review and provide feedback on the forms and data entered into the application. The system can also provide accurate analytics, which allows the safety department to track trends and identify problem areas. Read More...

Welcome Christoper Hernandez


By: Samantha Magee

In March 2020, Danos hired Christoper Hernandez to serve as I&E operations manager for the Permian Basin. Chris was looking for a company with a purpose, values, vision and culture that aligned with his. Fortunately, Danos was a match! Read More...

Danos Team Impresses at Olympus Energy


By: Mike Allen

In the late evening of June 10, a severe microburst* went through Elizabeth Township, PA, knocking a house off risers, bringing down power lines and trees and tossing debris all over roads close to the Apollo pad for Olympus Energy that Danos services. Read More...

Update: 2020 Strategic Initiatives


By: Eric Danos

We’re half-way through 2020. This is a great time to glance back at what we have accomplished through our Strategic Initiatives and look ahead at what’s next. One of the main themes for 2020 has been for us to be focused. We recognized the need to bring key initiatives through to completion without being distracted by adding too many new things. But we never envisioned how this year would create so many unexpected obstacles and distractions. Read More...

2020 Hydration Contest Winner


By: Issac Dantin

Throughout June, many Danos employees, both field and staff, sent in pictures of themselves and teammates hydrating to beat the heat for a chance to win a beach setup complete with ice chest, chairs, sunscreen and, of course, Gatorade for continued hydration. There were many pictures submitted, but there can only be one winner... Read More...