2019 safety focusDenver City: June 25 Monahans: June 27houma: july 22 & 29

Simple Safety Check


By: John Able

Electrician Caleb Slaaen approached Permian Safety Manager John Able with a question about harness service time in regards to his fall protection harnesses. He asked John to look at the harnesses and ,sure enough, John found a harness that was out of its usage date and needed to be pulled from service. By doing this simple check, Caleb helped prevent a potential injury or worse. Read More...

Putting Customers First


By: Keli Dantin

Business Development Representative Allison Ward was recently a critical piece in helping a new customer get a MSA completed in a timely fashion and ensuring the customer received everything needed for their operation, including additional personnel. Read More...

INC Free with BSEE


By: Ryan Trahan

​Recently, BSEE performed an annual inspection on South Marsh Island 128 C. According to the customer, Danos Production Operators Blake Rhodus and Hampton Campbell played a huge part in making sure the 137 components inspected were in compliance. This resulted in an inc. free inspection. Read More...

Oil Leak Detected


By: Bubba Himel

​Lead Operator Jordan McKee and Electrician Larry Landry were recently commended by a customer for their response to oil leak. Jordan was the acting person in charge throughout the discovery and identification of the leak. This was his first time relieving in this position and he proved his ability to take charge in a stressful situation. Read More...

Providing Turnkey Safety Solutions


By: The Pipeline

​Business Development Representative Allison Ward and Permian Safety Manager John Able recently met with a customer about what Danos can bring to the table in a safety capacity. They presented a turn-key solution for the customer's safety needs and concerns. Read More...

Technology Solutions


By: Kenny Bryant

​Many new technologies are currently being applied to solve existing problems in the oil and gas industry, and new ones are popping up every day. The Technology Solutions Steering Committee was formed to stay abreast of emerging technologies that we can use to solve big challenges for our customers. Read More...

Danos Foundation Gives to Casa of Terrebonne


By: Samantha Magee

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Terrebonne is one of the 2019 Danos GIVES grant recipients. The mission of CASA of Terrebonne is to be an independent and objective presence in the courts to speak for the best interest of abused and neglected children of Terrebonne Parish. They promote and support trained community volunteers to represent and help secure for each child a nurturing, safe and permanent home. Read More...

Shell Materials Management Terminals Celebrate 15 Years Incident-Free


By: Matt Kelso

With the completion of work on March 26 2019, Shell materials management terminals in Morgan City and Harvey celebrated 15 years of incident-free operations. During the 15 years, Danos has provided various roles within Materials Management that have supported all Shell assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More...

Shell Safety Day


By: The Pipeline

For many years, Danos has partnered with Shell for their company-wide Shell Safety Day that focuses on  risk normalization, dilemmas, and care for our fellow employees. Danos takes this message and conducts a blitz with all Danos employees working for Shell. This unified message is relayed in safety meetings at our Amelia Integrated Services Complex, office locations, and crew changes across the Gulf of Mexico and United States. Read More...

Houma Tank Expansion Project


By: Charlie Miller

In June of 2018, Shell Pipeline began work on the Houma Tank Expansion Project, which involved the installation of two 250,000-barrel crude oil storage tanks. These tanks were built from the ground – up and construction required several contractors – civil, tank builders, piping, blasters, painters and electrical. Danos was tasked with Read More...