Cold Stress Safety


By: Nick LeBlanc

While perhaps less common than heat stress in our area, cold stress can cause significant occupational injury or illness to workers. The primary factors in evaluating a cold stress environment are air temperature and wind. The wind chill index combines air temperatures and wind speed to determine how cold it would feel to a person outside. Read More...

Final Town Hall of 2020


By: Tara Morvant

At our final Town Hall meeting of the year, Owner Paul Danos reflected on the BIG wins and how we pulled together to overcome the challenges of 2020. He also introduced our 2021 strategic priorities, themed Determined to Dominate (D2). Read More...

Way to W.A.T.C.H.


By: Matt Schexnayder

Curtis Jackson, a deepwater mechanic for Danos, recently submitted a great near miss W.A.T.C.H. card on a routine task that he was involved in.

Curtis was performing a standard addition to the water maker when he noticed something was off. The chemical that was about to be added to the water maker was toxic and would impose safety
and environmental damage if not removed immediately.

See Something, Say Something


By: Mathew Bascle

The phrase “see something, say something” became a part of our vocabulary after the events that rocked our nation on September 11, 2001. We became more aware of our surroundings. Things that may have looked suspicious began to stick out a little more. Over time we began to relax a little. We may have started taking things for granted and not been as keen-eyed as we once were. Read More...

Removing the Bar


By: Scott Soto

While working offshore on Shell Appomattox, Danos Blaster Painter Sammy Roa was blasting in the overhead on the northwest hull column when he found a flat bar on top of the beam. The flat bar was approximately 18 inches long, 3 inches wide and weighed 2.3 pounds. Sammy removed the flat bar and reported it to his supervisors. The flat bar was then taken to the health, safety, environment (HSE) department, and the drop factor was performed. Read More...

Smooth Transition


By: The Pipeline

Recently, Owner Paul Danos welcomed new team members joining us from Fieldwood Energy, LLC as a result of the multi-year contract awarded for production operations.

Behind the scenes of this successful transition was the hardworking team comprised of employees from multiple departments. This team successfully transitioned 107 employees to Danos over a 30-day period with zero safety or operational issues.

Brandon Tomlinson's Big Save


By: Brian Gray

​Brandon Tomlinson is a Danos lease operator on the Oxy account in the Welch/Cedar Lake unit. While running his route, Brandon drove up on location and noticed the beam unit bridle starting to fray apart. He immediately used stop work authority (SWA), called his field supervisor and safely locked out/tagged out (LOTO) the unit until Alexander Lift could properly repair the beam unit bridle. Read More...

Join us for Town Hall with Owner Paul Danos


By: Tara Morvant

​Join us for a Town Hall meeting with Owner Paul Danos on Wednesday, December 16, at noon in the Great Room.

Not at headquarters? The meeting will also be conducted via Microsoft TEAMS, giving you the option to live-stream the video or call in to listen.

2020 Strategic Initiatives December Update


By: Paul Danos

This will be the last strategy update for 2020 – and thank goodness! I saw a quote the other day that said, “Today marks 3 years that we have been in 2020.” If you don’t laugh or cry from that one, you must be waking up from a very long nap. What stands out most to me about our 2020 strategy is that, despite all the challenges of this year, we made tremendous progress in our plan. Read More...

Check out the Photo of the Week!


By: The Pipeline

Danos employees from the Midland office recently spent the week collecting food items for the local organization, 311 Ministries. This is their result. Read More...