Developing Great People Series: Mark Davis


By: The Pipeline

Of all the aspects of oil and gas production that businesses may focus on — from reservoir quality to keeping job costs low — one area that can be overlooked or underappreciated is the value of accurate hydrocarbon measurement. In this leaner-price environment, many retiring measurement engineers aren’t being replaced. This has left a gap in in-house expertise across the oil and gas industry that many companies are seeking new ways to fill. Read More...

Recognizing COVID-19 Incident Management Team


By: Frances Kosak

We are currently in a very dynamic state, and the Danos incident management team (IMT) has been diligently managing the wax and waning of the silent enemy, COVID-19. As the virus changes quickly, they are able to change rapidly with it.

Issac Dantin is the incident commander and has done a wonderful job leading, in meeting the challenges of clients, government and employee needs, all the while keeping morale of his team lifted.

Making A Difference


By: Tara Morvant

Many of you with children who are following the stay-at-home advisory have likely heard the phrase, "I'm bored," at least a thousand times by now. Ryan Callais, human resources assistant, definitely has.

However, last weekend, his 10-year old daughter, Jolie, came up with an idea to not only occupy her time but to also help out during this global crisis. She found an internet video on how to make hand sanitizer and was eager to give it a try.

Jose Mendoza Lends a Helping Hand


By: Casey Greebon

​Danos Lease Operator Jose Mendoza was driving down Highway 128 in Andrews, Texas, when he noticed a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire. Knowing that the area gets little to no cell service, Jose pulled over to assist.

This is not the first time that Jose has stopped to lend a helping hand. He continuously shows acts of kindness and exhibits Danos' core values.

March Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: Tara Morvant

The March Town Hall meeting was conducted a little differently this month. With most staff employees working from home, Owner Paul Danos did not present to a large gathering but rather asked everyone to tune in via phone call or live stream. Read More...

A Message from Owner Eric Danos


By: Eric Danos

​We are living through a time right now that is one of the most challenging in my recent memory. I take comfort today in knowing we have such a clear purpose. Purpose needs to shine strongly through no matter what environment we are facing. I also find strength in knowing that we have a team that is so committed to each other. There are many companies I know who cannot say with any certainty that they will be able to work through today’s challenges. We are blessed, even in a tough time, to have the strength of our organization and of each other to depend on. Read More...

Shell Olympus Recognizes Long Le and Khanh Tran


By: Scott Soto

​Olympus crew, led by Foreman Long Le and Relief Foreman Khanh Tran, recently took advantage of an opportunity when several portable water tanks were removed from an area allowing full access to the decks. Upon completing the work, the crew was immediately recognized by Shell leadership and Danos leadership for the safe (Goal Zero) work and the quality of the work that will ultimately extend the service life of the deck area. Read More...

Show Us How You Stay Healthy!


By: Issac Dantin

​There is much distraction around the world’s pandemic, and we are flooded with information on how to make sure we lessen the chances of spreading the virus. We are washing our hands, using sanitizer, washing working surfaces, coughing into our elbows, answering screening questions and many other things. I commend you for taking the recommended actions seriously. But let’s switch gears to workplace safety for a few minutes. While we do have challenges and distractions that face us, we are doing a very good job at maintaining work-related safety issues. The amount of first aids and near misses have dropped and First Aid Medical Events, where employees need to see a medical professional, have been close to non-existent throughout this peculiar time. Read More...

Stacey Gisclair Presents at Bayou SHRM


By: Tara Morvant

Recently, Danos hosted the Bayou Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) for their monthly meeting in Bayou and Oaks conference rooms at headquarters in Gray. Stacey Gisclair, vice president of human resources, was the guest speaker and presented on Danos' High Performance Culture traits. Other topics covered during the presentation were general business of the Bayou SHRM, reports from their officers and introductions from all members. Read More...

Upholding Our Work Safe Oath


By: Issac Dantin

One of the most valuable learnings that safety has made through the recent years is listening to our employees. We pulled together key field leaders who are loyal, honest and hold integrity to develop our Work Safe Oath. The team of field leaders was challenged with identifying the key elements of the plan that would keep us all safe as we work in and around at-risk areas. Management listened to their voices and put the plan into action. Read More...