LOOP Safety Stand Up


By: Matthew Pere

On Tuesday, March 10, LOOP held a “Safety Stand-Up” to recognize their current contractors that presently have incident free working taking place within LOOP.

Danos was the leader of all contractors with 18+ years of incident free work at LOOP in Galliano & LOCAP in St. James. The 18+ years amount to 616,000 man-hours accumulated by the current workforce.

Sonny Romero Invokes Stop Work Authority


By: Nick LeBlanc

On behalf of the Danos HSE group, we would like to thank Sonny Romero for his use of Stop Work Authority (SWA) out on Murphy Medusa. Typically, when we see a SWA card, it is from one Danos team member communicating to another Danos team member. It is great to see Sonny recognize an individual who works for another company, not just as a third party guy, but as a guy who is working as a team trying to achieve the same goal. He also stopped that individual as he was getting into his barricaded work area to explain why it was barricaded off and the hazards associated with that work space. We appreciate Sonny's efforts and for not being hesitant to speak up. Read More...

Toss Your Pebble


By: Tara Morvant

​During the January Town Hall gathering, Owner Mark Danos demonstrated the impact we have as individuals at Danos with a pebble and a mason jar exercise. He explained that we as employees have the power to create a ripple effect when we toss our pebbles, or ideas, into the pond, indicating that any employee can make a difference.

GL Supervisor Tu Le decided to seize the opportunity to toss her pebble. For Valentine's Day, Tu presented the idea of Valentine's Day cards as a Danos Foundation initiative to raise money and spread a little love. Employees were able to purchase a Valentine's Day card for $1 and include a personal message on the back to let their fellow employees know they are appreciated.

Danos Employees Recognized


By: Josh Gravois

When customers BP and Diamond Offshore found themselves in a bind on a recent weekend of need to find a NACE certified welder to perform time-critical welds, Danos was one of five companies contacted to execute this work. Of the five companies contacted, Danos was the only company to respond.

The Danos team immediately got to work gathering required credentials and equipment and then mobilizing Welder Joseph Ballard to the heliport and the necessary equipment and materials to the dock.

Nick Murphy and Jacob Rodriguez Recognized


By: Jason Finstad

During the January safety meeting, customer EP Energy recognized Danos Lease Operators Nick Murphy and Jacob Rodriguez for their use of Stop Work Authority (SWA).

Nick invoked his SWA when he noticed that a truck driver parked three feet away from a pressurized pipe and that his tires were not chocked while filling up his truck with chemicals. Nick approached the driver and explained the importance of being outside the 35 foot hot zone.

Jacob was approaching his facility when he noticed a vehicle that was driving over the posted speed limit.

Check out the Photo of the Week!


By: James Callahan

Sometimes the answer to solving a problem is collaborating with your fellow coworkers.

Construction Project Manager Josh Gravois joined Tedi Usey and Marie Foret, job cost clerks to combine their brain power to solve challenges for a customer project.

Annual Operations Managers Meeting


By: James Callahan

Danos operational service line managers and general managers recently gathered at headquarters in Gray, Louisiana, for their annual meeting to align everyone on corporate values, vision and strategies. We discussed ongoing action items for each service line and how to achieve those strategies. Read More...

Harry Ford Enforces Stop Work Authority


By: Bart Bergeron

While doing a walk through prior to starting work on top of a motor control center, Field-Electrical Foreman Harry Ford noticed some grating that appeared to be loose and improperly installed. Harry inspected the grating, and it gave way under slight pressure causing a potential trip and fall hazard. Harry used his Stop Work Authority (SWA) to shut the job down and immediately informed the operations crew of the situation. The grating was instantly barricaded off, and the entire section of grating was inspected. Read More...

Lunch & Learn on Danos Culture


By: Samantha Magee

On Tuesday, January 21, Vice President of Human Resources Stacey Gisclair presented a Lunch and Learn on Danos culture. With over 120 employees tuned in, Stacey walked us through the journey of transforming Danos' culture and what goals we still have to work toward.

When Danos’ third-generation owners came to work in the business, they recognized that culture is nothing more than how we work together as individuals to accomplish goals. They wanted to establish a reason or purpose for the work they would do for the organization, one that was deeper than increasing shareholder value.

2019 Watch Card Data


By: Nick LeBlanc

​Danos BBSM Data 2019

On behalf of the Danos HSE team, we would like to thank each of you for your participation with the WATCH program for 2019. With over 14,000 observations made, this was one of most productive years regarding BBSM data submitted since the start of the program in 2002. Danos uses this data to identify both the leading and lagging indicators to determine what categories we need to focus on. Below is a list of both the top safe and at-risk observations made for 2019.

Safe Observations: