Titan Team Meets 2020 Challenges


By: Matthew Pere

​With all the challenges faced in 2020, Danos’ customer Equinor recognized our operations team for their outstanding effort on the customer’s Titan asset. The crew worked 81,658 hours without a recordable incident in 2020. Read More...

COVID-19 Vaccinations


By: Tara Morvant

Coordinated efforts to safely distribute the COVID-19 vaccination are underway. Vaccine availability will initially be limited and therefore must be distributed in a phased approach. As more vaccines become available from the CDC, more individuals and groups will be offered a vaccination. Read More...

Energy Workers Sacrifice Amid COVID-19


By: Samantha Magee

COVID-19 has brought about significant changes to our daily lives, and everyone is doing their best to figure out life in this “new normal.” In particular, the challenges and sacrifices made by the likes of healthcare workers, teachers and service-industry personnel are frequently discussed in the media and on social networking sites. At Danos, we’d like to shed a light on another group who is sacrificing more than ever: America’s offshore energy workers. Read More...

A Valuable Employee in Terry Palmer


By: Matt Schexnayder

Terry Palmer, Danos logistics coordinator on Shell’s Olympus platform, was praised by the offshore installation manager (OIM) for an outstanding performance on his recent hitch. Read More...

Energy Systems Keeps Their Guard Up


By: Bart Bergeron

​Danos energy systems teams are keeping their guard up during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the increased COVID-19 cases across the state, energy systems managers are rallying the troops to stay vigilant in their approach to these restrictions. Read More...

A Safety Moment with John Able


By: John Able

Take a minute to watch a video message from Shale Safety Manager John Able.


BP praises Danos Team Response


By: Matt Kelso

Danos team members including Mary Perez, CJ Warren, Jeremiah Jones and David Ellison, have been praised by customer BP, as they are at the forefront of BP’s incident management team response. The team has been proactive to ensure all employees who travel offshore for BP are taken care of while in quarantine and tested in a safe, professional and caring environment. Two separate representatives from BP recognized this team. Read More...

The Secret Sauce


By: Nicole Williams

When Paul Danos interviewed me 11 years ago, he told me the company had three main goals: Honor God, make money and have fun. In the business world, those are words one rarely comes across, but my personal values, work ethic and Danos’ were a perfect match. At that moment, I knew I was on board. Read More...

Keep Your Guard Up - Danos Against COVID-19


By: Issac Dantin

Many of you can probably remember when you were younger lacing up those boxing gloves for the first time. Your dad or older brother gave you the basics on how to throw a jab. They taught you what a cross was and how to properly execute the famous uppercut. As you danced around a makeshift ring in your backyard, or climbed on a mattress to box with your cousins or siblings, you were reminded of that golden rule - keep your guard up! As soon as you lowered your guard, you could bet a glove was soon to make direct contact with your face. While that does bring back good memories, it ties in very well to where we are in terms of this world pandemic. We need to keep our guard up! Read More...

COVID-19 PPE Items


By: The Pipeline

Now that many businesses have begun to reopen, and some of our daily routines are returning, you may find yourself in need of some COVID-19 PPE items. Read More...