FOCUS: Customer Centric


By: James Callahan

​Late last year we began the processes of formulating our customer centric strategic initiative. Our managers are pursuing a strategy whereby we have changed our service delivery model and are utilizing multi-skilled employees. Thus far, we have had many people work across service lines and within other areas, such as safety. Read More...

Permian Focus


By: Eric Danos

​This market is hot. Everywhere I go the Permian is being talked about. It’s in the news, it’s the subject of political debates and it’s being talked about throughout our community. The Permian is so significant on the world stage that it is reshaping long-standing international politics because of its influence on world energy markets. Grab a seat – we are on the front row to history being made. Read More...

FOCUS: Customer Centric


By: Melanie Toups

Every successful business does two very important things really well. Finding and keeping the right customers. What is it that makes a customer the “right customer?” Well, that’s easy. They value what we do. To make sure we identify the right customers, our business development team begins by researching new and emerging markets where companies are investing dollars and where there are low barriers to entry. Entering an established market with entrenched competitors is difficult. It takes a lot more time and resources to prove yourself in an established market. Are we up for that challenge? Let’s find out. Read More...

Employee Development


By: Stacey Gisclair

Progress is being made in our collective efforts to “develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.” By leveraging what we are already doing as an organization, we are successfully increasing participation and awareness by redesigning existing programs. Read More...

FOCUS: Permian Focus


By: Mark Danos

By now, all of you are aware that the Permian is one of our strategic focus areas for 2018. Many of you had a chance to participate in this Wednesday’s lunch and learn led by Jeremy Adkins. If you joined, what you surely heard was that the Permian is hot and Danos is right in the middle of the action. Read More...

FOCUS: Customer Centric


By: Paul Danos

Do you know what Customer Centric is yet?

Have you ever sat at a restaurant waiting for the server to come by…and it felt like forever before they finally did? We probably have all had this bad customer-service experience. Maybe you have experienced or heard about a story of someone at a restaurant ordering an item not on the menu and the server ran down the street to buy it from the local grocery store. This is exceptional customer service. Customer Centric is actually the next level. It is understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs before they ask.

FOCUS: Employee Development


By: Stacey Gisclair

​For 2018, the progress of integrating employee development into the organization continues and is a key element to our efforts. We also remain focused on our customers’ challenges as we envision a transformational learning culture. The process of leveraging and improving current programs and tools is being combined with new, additional training content to be shared and delivered. Read More...

Permian Focus


By: Eric Danos

In late 2016 our leadership team studied the markets looking for strategic opportunities that would match well with our capabilities. The Permian rose to the top and became a core strategy the following year. Read More...