2015 Field Employee of the Year - Mark Doiron


By: The Pipeline

With over 9 years at Danos in production services, Mark Doiron is constantly seeking ways to improve himself within and beyond his job scope. He passes on to his peers the philosophy that with more knowledge and capability, the safer and more valuable they become as an employee. He has gained respect from supervisors, customers, and co-workers because he gives respect first.

Endorsements from supervisors and customers

  • I have an admiration for his desire to represent himself in alignment with the values Danos has set forth. I have directly benefited from the knowledge, safety culture and “can do” attitude Mark exemplifies in his leadership role. I have a great respect for his willingness to stand up and voice his beliefs even if it’s not popular. He is trusted by his co-workers and will normally address issues for those employees who are not comfortable addressing issues with leadership.
  • He is definitely a man of his word. His personal values are never doubted as he exhibits and encourages this type of behavior from everyone he comes in contact with.
  • The type of individual that not only speaks of safety but also practices what he preaches. He never shies away from participating and adding value to safety meetings. Always the go to person on safety issues especially concerning any issues with lifting and rigging.
  • He takes great pride and satisfaction in coaching the younger, less experienced employees. He always takes his verbal training a step further with a hands on approach. His patience is unmatched when dealing with frustrations that arise.
  • He has the ability to make his point known in an effective but courteous manner. He may not always agree with the final decision, but if it is the safest and most effective option for his team, he will lead the way.    
  • I have never received a complaint from any operation or staff team member about his leadership qualities. Mark takes great pride in the operation of the team and takes it very personal when there are any gaps or issues with their performance.   

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