2015 Staff Employee of the Year - Rene Vidrine


By: The Pipeline

Rene Vidrine started with Danos as a safety intern in April 2006. When Danos looked to gain a foothold in the Permian Basin, he was asked at a young age to be a part of that exciting venture. Being open to change, he moved out to West Texas and became the leader our customers depend on. With his tireless efforts, he quickly became and remains the driving force behind our success in the Permian Basin.

Since moving back to our corporate headquarters, his ability to manage his team throughout Texas and Pennsylvania remotely without effecting customer service shows that he remains the respected leader his team leans on to provide solutions for our customers. 

Endorsements from supervisors and customers

  • He has always been a strong leader with his work group. He practically operates his own chunk of Danos far away from the corporate office. His managers trusted him with a huge job and he has performed remarkably. His involvement with safety is seamless and his relationship with the customer has been top notch. 
  • We have all watched him grow and develop into a great team player with good skills and proven success with his customers. 
  • A great Danos story! He is a strong worker and well liked around all division lines.
  • Always looking at our values as a foundation for our guys to build their careers on.
  • We are in a tough market. Rene continues to be upbeat and is focused on our company gaining market share in the downturn. 
  • We are still growing our shale group when it seems like others are closing their doors. 
  • Rene empowers each of us on the management team to make our jobs personal and to do whatever we need to do to make it work.
  • Rene is the first of our team to stand up for what is right in regards to keeping our employees safe. His integrity is rock solid. He is always willing to listen to ideas in regards to improving our involvement here in the Permian Basin. If something needs to be changed, he is the first to get on board or come up with another idea to help the situation. He is well respected by management and field employees.

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