2016 Staff Employee of the Year


By: The Pipeline

Scott Theriot started with Danos as a personnel coordinator just over 11 years ago. As an account manager, he led his account to over 6 years with no recordable incidents. Now, as an operations manager, he is helping Danos evolve in the area of materials management to keep us at the forefront of providers for our customers.

Scott saw where the future of material management was headed and decided to go back to school to get a Masters in Supply Chain Management. During a time when Shell materials group is trying to figure out a new direction, taking this initiative to become an expert and stay ahead of the curve made him and us credible in this area.


  • I work closely with Scott on the Shell account in labor services as well as the Franklin project. I've witnessed firsthand him living each company value to the fullest. He constantly strives for improvement while upholding the highest level of respect for himself, Danos, and our customers. In addition, he provides high-quality service to our customers while keeping in mind the health and safety of those around him. His integrity is what drives his unwavering ability to live by the company values, which has been proven by his recent, well-deserved promotion to operations manager.

  • Scott demonstrates each and every high-performance culture trait at an impressive level. Over the past three years, I've watched his passion for winning in everything he does. We've had many challenges on the Shell account in which he has always been open to change. His bias to action and willingness to challenge and debate has allowed our team to always see these challenges through with a positive end result. He is adamant about empowering teamwork and participating in coaching to achieve success for himself, co-workers, and customers. His choice and ability to live by the company values and to demonstrate all of the high-performance culture traits on a daily basis is remarkable. Working with him is inspiring not only to myself but others on his team. Scott Theriot is an outstanding employee and valuable advocate for Danos and not only does he deserve the nomination, but he deserves the title of Employee of the Year.

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