2017 Staff Employee of the Year


By: The Pipeline

Jamie Stoot-Robichaux started with Danos as a billing clerk 4 ½ years ago. As job cost lead, she played a major part in the creation, restructuring, and alignment of the job cost and accounts receivable staff to improve job cost functionality. Now, as a job cost supervisor, she plays an integral part in the implementation of AX and integration of accounting procedures.


"Jamie's leadership and knowledge are only a few of the many traits that make her an asset.Her commitment to Danos is demonstrated in her actions/accomplishments."

"Jamie is passionate about the job she does and is willing to look at new ways and listen to other groups to make the process run smoothly for all parties involved."

"Jamie is an honest person always looking for ways to improve whether it is a report needed for us to have the correct information for invoicing, helping a new employee with inputting time or teaching a new employee the ROG process."

"Jamie does an excellent job in living our values every day, but I have to spotlight her passion for process improvements. Jamie is constantly looking for ways for Danos to improve our processes. She is never focused on just her area of responsibility and always takes into account the impact on the total company. She is always focused on how these improvements will help us better serve our customers."

"As with our values, Jamie exhibits all of our high-performance culture traits virtually every day. As a change agent, she is always open to change and willing to challenge and debate to develop the best solution. And, while Jamie is very passionate about developing winning solutions, the HPC trait that stands out to me the most is her bias to action. When Jamie sees that something needs to be done, Jamie makes it happen. This is true whether the action needed is a solo effort, within her team, or generating a workgroup as needed to solve a problem. In this respect, Jamie is as good of an employee as I have ever had the privilege to work with."

"Jamie’s has been critical to the success of our ERP implementation in 2015 and our ERP system maturation in 2016 and 2017 by displaying our HPC traits as indicated above. She has been as valuable as anyone has to the successful implementation of the new ERP system at Danos. She has had a far-reaching impact throughout the organization form her official role as job cost supervisor by exhibiting every characteristic you would expect from an employee of the year.Jamie understands that excellence is not an act, but a habit. She exemplifies excellence in her work efforts daily."

"Jamie works so hard to show and ensure continuous improvement in the job cost area and her team.She always strives to do what is best for Danos and never gives up on ensuring we are all living the company values. Jamie is very open to change and always tries to ensure all around her are as well. She is always coaching others both on her team and within the organization on the right way to perform duties pertaining to job cost. She is very passionate about winning and never gives up. She takes action when needed and is always willing to challenge when it is not what is best for Danos. She has coached her team and has had to deal with a lot of movement in the group as we grow."

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