2017 Strategic Priorities


By: Paul Danos

Every year at this time we are working hard to finish the development of our strategic plan for the next year. While this used to be a year-by-year endeavor, the process is now stretched in both directions as we are trying to plan further out (1-3 year strategies), while simultaneously remaining flexible and adjusting the current plan more often due to the dramatic changes in our market.

After considerable research, discussion, and some healthy debate we have picked 4 Strategic Initiatives that we are giving the designation of “Priority 1”. These are initiatives that we will be working on for the next few years and will involve resources from across the company. The 4 priorities are:

  • Focus the strategy for our fabrication business – We will focus our limited sales resources on pursuing fabrication opportunities that the current market has the most demand for and that leverage our unique capabilities, and then ensure we are ready to execute on those specific opportunities.

  • Support Permian area business growth and create a template for shale expansion – Areas we will be working are:

a. Staff and develop an organization that is capable of executing additional Danos service lines in addition to production services - Construction, Project Management, Automation, Coatings, etc.

b. Ensure organization model supports integrated service lines, i.e. we need all service lines to work together seamlessly

c. Use model developed in Permian to facilitate growth in other shale geographies where we work

  • Cost-efficient operations – Given the intense pressure to reduce costs and customer hyper sensitivity to price, we need to challenge the organization to change systems, processes, and execution models where the result is increased efficiency 

  • Employee development – To fulfill the purpose of Danos, we need to continue to work toward employee development being completely ingrained in our culture.  The areas of focus for 2017 will be:

                  a. Continued development of our field leadership training program 

b. Create a culture of development (ensure everyone knows what it looks like and is supporting)

c. Support more technical skills development opportunities 

d. Create opportunities for Danos employees at all levels to understand what we do and how we win (increase Business Savvy)

There will be lots more to come during the year to further educate and inform our whole team about what these initiatives mean, and progress toward accomplishing them. 

Paul Danos

Paul is an executive vice president and oversees the company’s strategic planning, business development, sales, and marketing efforts. He is a third-generation owner and serves on the Danos board of directors and is chairman of Danos’s Equatorial Guinea joint venture.


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