2018 Staff Employee of the Year


By: The Pipeline

Julie Plaisance started with Danos as an administrative assistant in hiring a little over 7 years ago and is now the face of Danos as corporate headquarters receptionist. She was asked to step into this role because of her welcoming attitude and her understated leadership.

Endorsements from colleagues

“She thrives in the respect and service spaces. Her attitude toward customer service exceeds expectation and in doing so, brings her much respect from her co-workers because of her customer service attributes.”

“Julie's co-workers gravitate to her. Her reputation within Danos is based on her following the company Values. If you watch Julie interact with anyone (co-workers, applicants, vendors, customers, etc.) - you would see she treats each one as if they are the most important person to Danos. She makes you feel like you matter. There wasn't a better choice to be considered the ‘Face’ of Danos.”

“Julie has been with Danos for 9.5 years and during that time earned the reputation of what I would characterize as an unofficial leader. When we say lead by example, Julie does just that and often becomes a point of reference when considering the values, particularly for the values of Respect and Service. I recall years ago, we modeled the expectation of Julie’s peer group with her in mind. As I reflect on how the demographic of the administrative staff has evolved over time, there was a gradual but steady evolution because we became intentional about having a more customer service friendly group – keeping in mind the customer also includes field employees. This Improvement was in large part because of Julie’s influences. She has a unique way of bringing out the best in people and in a very nice way challenges them to be better.”

“Provides an atmosphere of great service through her friendly and welcoming attitude. Through different assignments within Danos Julie has operated through respect for her coworkers.”

“Julie is just an all-around good person; treats everyone the same, with respect - no matter their title, position, role, etc. within the company. She has no hidden agenda - she doesn't work to become Employee of the Year - she does the right thing, all of the time, because that's who she is.”

“Julie is passionate in assuring that each person walking in the front door feels welcomed! To many visitors this is the first person they speak to on the phone or in person.”

“Julie is extremely upbeat and positive. When I walk in the front door I know I need to be on my A game because Julie will welcome me and remind me of what "national day' it is. I know I need to be prepared to provide her feedback.”

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Kermit Menard || 18-Apr-2019 01:44 PM
Congratulations Julie, "2018 Staff Employee of the year" Very well deserved everything said above is "TRUE" you are a great example of how we all should work and live everyday. Best person in the right job at the right time, your a blessing to everyone who walks thru the door at "DANOS"
Jeremiah Thomas || 18-Apr-2019 12:51 PM
Ms. Julie is highly deserving of this accolade. She always treats me with respect and has a smile on her face whatever I'm going through. Blessed for the opportunity to experience her.

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