2019 Watch Card Data


By: Nick LeBlanc

Danos BBSM Data 2019

On behalf of the Danos HSE team, we would like to thank each of you for your participation with the WATCH program for 2019. With over 14,000 observations made, this was one of most productive years regarding BBSM data submitted since the start of the program in 2002. Danos uses this data to identify both the leading and lagging indicators to determine what categories we need to focus on. Below is a list of both the top safe and at-risk observations made for 2019.

Safe Observations:

  • Communication
  • PPE

At-Risk Observations:

  • Walking/working surfaces
  • Housekeeping
  • Condition (tools and equipment)

Seeing communication at the top of the list for safe observations is very encouraging because as we all know communication is a vital piece of incident prevention. It shows that we are putting in the time to discuss the task at hand, along with the potential hazards associated with that task so that proper mitigations can be put in place.

Walking/working Surfaces led the category for at-risk observations for 2019. This statistic correlates with the 22 incidents that involved walking/working surfaces, 2 of which led to recordable injuries that occurred during the same time period. So, continued focus in this area moving into the new year is warranted. To assist with maintaining focus in this area, the safety team at Danos will be developing and distributing additional safety topics regarding walking/working surfaces soon.

Reminders for submitting WATCH Cards

  • Quality observations over quantity
  • Refrain from stating the names of any individuals that are being observed
  • 4 gold points for electronic submissions
  • 2 gold points for paper cards
  • 83 points = 1 Unit
  • 1 Unit = $25
  • Download the WATCH app from the app store to submit cards from your smart phone
  • Only check off the safe or at-risk category that is being observed (all categories should not be checked off)


Nick LeBlanc

Nick LeBlanc serves as Danos’ HSE specialist for the Energy Systems Group since June 2017. He graduated from Nicholls State University with an Associates degree in Production and in Safety, in addition to a Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering Technology and Safety Management. Nick was a member of the Colonels football team for four years, and he spent two years as a teacher and coach for a local high school prior to entering the oil and gas industry.


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