Stay Aware - Stay Hydrated


By: Stephen Gros

Although the official start of summer is not until June, in the South the temperatures have already begun to reach summer patterns. Couple that with the extended time some of our coworkers have been at home due to quarantine, and the results are increased susceptibility to heat stress illnesses. As we begin to return to work, let’s remember that some of our coworkers will need time to get acclimated to working in hot conditions again.

Acclimatization results from the following changes in the way the body works:

  • Body produces more sweat → more evaporative cooling
  • Sweat contains less salt loss → less likely to develop electrolyte imbalances and heat cramps
  • Body is more efficient at getting rid of heat → slower heart rate and slower body temperature increase
  • More blood flows to the skin → more efficient cooling through the skin

Please download and share our hydration awareness poster.


Stephen Gros

Stephen serves as lead HSE specialist for project services. He joined Danos in 2000 as a computer programmer and worked in production operations as a personnel coordinator and then an account manager before moving to the safety team in 2012. Stephen graduated from Nicholls State University with a bachelor of science in computer information systems and has been NACE I certifified since 2014.


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