2020 Strategic Initiatives October Update


By: Mark Danos

2020 has been a year that most of us will never forget. As an industry and as a nation, we have been turned upside down and faced turmoil and challenges unlike any in the recent past.

As I reflect on that and our company, I am proud to say that through 73 years of change, including an unforgettable 2020, Danos has stood strong. We have been able to withstand the test of time because what is at our core (purpose, vision and values) sustains us and compels us forward.

2020 is not over yet!  After all that we have faced, we still have a quarter to go, but as we enter the 4th quarter, we are committed to finishing strong.

In January, we laid out our strategy for the year: 2020 FOCUS. Consider the irony in those words during a year when it has been difficult to determine what to focus on, but, irony aside, I am proud to say that we have made significant progress in executing our strategy. While what is at our core sustains us, a good plan (strategy) coupled with focus has been critical in driving us forward and through the noise around us.

Technology Solutions, one of our core strategies for the year, is at the forefront of most conversations related to positioning for the future. I don’t think anyone envisioned how quickly the shift to virtual working would occur. Our IT team did a tremendous job focusing on what was important by preparing us and getting the right infrastructure in place to enable us to quickly and smoothly make this shift when the world drove us that way. The result is that we are all much more tech savvy and capable today. An enterprise resource planning system transition was another key part of this strategy, but like a lot of good plans, sometimes you need to make course adjustments. We did that and hit pause with this implementation process. We will have a better more functional product as we focus in on what we have learned and how the world we operate in has changed.

Shale is another of our core strategies. Although the landscape in the shale plays has changed significantly from our view at the beginning of the year, we are better positioned today as a result of the plan. We are working in multiple shale plays, considering some new opportunities in those basins like renewables, and have added some outstanding industry experience to our team (Justin Gonce and Melanie Hill) to help us capitalize on the opportunities before us. To address our most significant safety risk in the shale basins, driving, we created a vehicle improvement team. The team has worked hard to utilize available technology along with robust policies and procedures to drive accountability. We have some work to do yet, but we are seeing significant results and improvements.

Operational excellence is the last core strategy that I want to comment on. Our organization looks different today than it did when the year began, but we have remained focused on choosing the right customers, the right locations and the right people to deliver an outstanding product. There is a lot to unpack there, but we are committed to and well on our way to achieving our vision in this area.

We have clearly faced some unexpected challenges this year, but we are well positioned for the future because we have a great strategy roadmap to help us negotiate any challenges and a strong foundation with our purpose, vision and values that keeps us focused on what is important and compels us forward. Thanks for what you are doing to help us remain focused and moving forward.

Mark Danos

Mark began his career at Danos in the Larose fabrication shop as a blaster / helper during his high school summers. After a long hiatus from Danos involving a stint at LSU to get his mechanical engineering degree, a year of mission work in Kenya, and 10 years with ExxonMobil doing project work around the world, Mark returned in 2013. Mark is an owner and executive responsible for project services.


Ronnie Drake || 15-Oct-2020 10:42 AM
My experience with Danos has and is very high. I love a company that does what it says and says what it does. Keep with the core principles God, Country and family. We are in this together with hard work determination and focus, we will get through the hard times and be better for it in the future.

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