4WARD: Driving Development


By: Stacey Gisclair

The company purpose – Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities –is the foundation of the strategic focus area of Driving Development. From offshore platforms to conference rooms to land locations, employee development is embedded in Danos and will be further strengthened in 2017. We are fostering a culture where every employee is empowered and involved in the improvement of themselves and team members.

Driving Development will continue to have a connection to the behavioral competency models which were created with input from existing employees, both from the field and in the office. Essentially, your peers played a significant role in outlining the behavioral competencies that have been a part of existing programs and will be coupled with technical competencies in future programs. If you are not familiar with the models, you will have opportunities to learn more about them.

We have been facilitating a field leadership program for several years and reshaped the program over time based on participant feedback. Once again, several of your peers were integral in creating the content being used in the current version, Field Leadership Forum – Version 1.0, which is the first level program for Danos field leaders. New for 2017 is the Field Leadership Forum – Version 2.0 which is the next level for those who attended version 1.0. These programs are designed to provide field leaders with the support needed while on job sites as they represent Danos with customers.

As was done with the Field Leadership Forums, we are evaluating existing programs with an eye on integrating additional content to realize the full potential of Driving Development at Danos. A few examples that provide a foundation for employee development include Safety Champs, mentor programs, Safety Focus forums, cross-training, and team building. It is through our collective efforts that we will truly differentiate Danos and set ourselves apart as we strengthen the culture of development.

Stacey Gisclair

Vice President of Human Resources Stacey Gisclair has over 20 years of human resources experience in the oil and gas industry. She oversees the company, human resources and recruiting activities, and champions strategic efforts that support Danos high-performance culture.


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