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4WARD: Driving Development


By: Stacey Gisclair

During discussions about learning cultures, we often times make note of the journey the organization took with respect to building such a strong safety culture. Our grandparents and parents grew up working in an oil and gas industry faced with overwhelming safety challenges. Long ago, Danos made a commitment to rise above and overcome the challenges. The strengthening of the safety culture throughout the years is quite impressive and required much time and effort on the part of many dedicated to making a difference. Today, the value of safety is deeply embedded in the organization as an everyday part of the business and we all play a part in continuing to make it happen.

Similar to the safety culture, the journey of fostering a learning culture will require much time and effort and will be shaped over the years. As an organization, we ask ourselves are we moving too fast in establishing a learning culture or not fast enough? Are we doing too much or not enough? You may be on either side of the spectrum depending on your perspective and many will be somewhere in between the two extremes.

Danos remains committed to driving development and will continue to progress efforts in such a way that will strengthen over time. The intent is to have the learning culture become an everyday part of the business as is safety and we will each have opportunities to play a part in making it happen.

There were noteworthy employee development events that have taken place so far in 2017 with concentrations in various pockets of the organization. The plan is to expand these over time. The following are a few examples of focus areas this year:

  • Production Services - 40 employees attended Person in Charge (PIC) Safe Work Practices
  • Construction - 20 employees participated in Isolation of Hazardous Energy
  • Coatings - courses in Cathodic Protection and Operator Qualifications were offered
  • More than 300 employees attended at least one safety related development opportunity
  • More than 30 staff managers participated in employee development training

While it will take time to build, the learning culture is largely a focus on people much like safety. There is definitely more that needs to be done and Danos is committed to the journey with you in such a way that is consistent with the company Purpose to:

Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.

Danos has an incredible team which is comprised of so many talented people who perform work day in and day out to provide excellent services to various external and internal customers. Thank you for all that you do. The potential of what we will be able to accomplish together is encouraging.

Stacey Gisclair

Vice President of Human Resources Stacey Gisclair has over 20 years of human resources experience in the oil and gas industry. She oversees the company, human resources and recruiting activities, and champions strategic efforts that support Danos high-performance culture.


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