4WARD: Driving Development


By: Paul Danos

We recently sent a survey to all Danos employees looking for opinions on how Danos is doing in developing our team members. We had over 300  of our team members take the time to give us their opinion on this matter...THANK YOU!!!

Your input is critical! We are still sifting through the data so we can understand the results, but to be clear, the reason for the survey was really just to understand how you believe we are doing in this area now, so we can determine if our efforts going forward are making effective improvements.

If you took the survey and read the questions carefully, there were some hints in the language about what we want our organization to look like in the future when it comes to how we develop our employees. We certainly know we have much work to do in becoming the type of learning organization we aspire to be. Your input will help us establish a benchmark to measure progress. Our driving development team is hard at work ensuring that progress continues in the following areas:

  • Setting up systems to capture and organize existing efforts for better coordination, visibility and sharing of resources where possible
  • Working with service line groups to determine focus areas for developing new courses
  • Preparing to roll out what our vision for this area of our organization looks like going forward and how everyone will participate

Thanks again for your participation and stay tuned in for more!

Paul Danos

Paul is an executive vice president and oversees the company’s strategic planning, business development, sales, and marketing efforts. He is a third-generation owner and serves on the Danos board of directors and is chairman of Danos’s Equatorial Guinea joint venture.


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