4WARD: Driving Development


By: Paul Danos

Since our last communication about the status of our driving development efforts, we’ve had a number of conversations with our customers about the topic. One customer specifically asked, “What are we doing to enable and foster an environment where “transformational learning” happens?” It’s good to know customers are paying attention so closely to our choice of words.

Additionally, I have been in a few other conversations with customers that want to understand what we are doing to ensure our people are competent to accomplish the work they are responsible for. As Stacey Gisclair pointed out in the last update – we are on a journey. This journey started before we made driving development one of our 4WARD initiatives, but I am excited to see the result of elevating this effort to a strategic priority which forces more thought and dialogue, which has led to some real progress and connection points amongst things we are doing.

Efforts such as our Safety Focus, field leadership training, and every training session any of you receive are being looked at in a new light. Are we delivering all of these different opportunities in a way that is connected to this important part of our purpose – “develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and community.”? We have a ways to go in the journey, but we are making good progress.

Paul Danos

Paul is owner executive over production services, sales, business development and marketing. He oversees the company's strategic planning and driection, business development, marketing and sales initiatives, and production services. Paul is a third-generation owner and president of the Danos Board of Directors.


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