4WARD: Efficient Execution


By: Sonny Orgeron

In December of last year, Danos identified cost-efficient operations as one of its 2017 strategic priorities. The objective is to operate as efficiently as possible in order to maximize resource utilization to benefit Danos and its customers. The cost-efficient operation initiative consists of two supporting initiatives – enterprise resource planning maturation and project controls

The ERP maturation initiative consists of several projects that build upon a core ERP system through increased utilization and adaptation of additional functionality. API migration from Navision ERP to AX ERP, timekeeping improvements, and advanced HR systems migration are in various stages of moving towards efficient execution. ERP maturation project teams have embraced a willingness to challenge and debate each other, as well as, the methods in which work is executed. Danos’ value of improvement is on display as project teams seek the best solutions.

The project controls initiative consists of several projects that seek to improve project cost controls by improving the timeliness of financial report information with a realized benefit of financial visibility from estimating through project completion. Real-time cost visibility, financial controls, and WBS accounting project teams are prepared to present what has been discovered along with proposed course of actions. Project teams continue to communicate for alignment as they challenge and debate ways to ensure success.

While these two initiatives appear vastly different, project team members from both initiatives have collaborated and identified opportunities to combine efforts to accomplish resource cross-over goals and objectives. In essence, these teams are in the process of ensuring efficient operations.

Sonny Orgeron

Sonny began his career at Danos as an information technology engineer in 1998. For the past 15 years, he has led the IT team in meeting daily challenges while planning for future needs. In 2007, Sonny earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix and in 2015 Sonny earned his EMBA from Nicholls State University. Sonny is the recipient of the Danos employee of the year award for 2007.


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