4WARD: Fabrication Focus


By: Mark Danos

When you see the title here, 4WARD: Fabrication Focus, I am sure you naturally think single service line. But, what is key here is how efficient and effective fabrication operations impacts our broader operations outside of just fabrication.

As you are all aware, we made a conscious decision at the beginning of the year to retrench and focus our fabrication efforts on supporting our current operations. We adjusted from 2 fully staffed / fully functional fabrication shops to one lean, multi-functional shop. Even with one shop, activity slowed considerably, consistent with the rest of our project activity.

Our strategy to get lean, coupled with the reduction in activity over the last several months, has allowed us time to increase efficiencies, focus on controlling costs, and position ourselves to capitalize on opportunities when they come— like now.

Although our financials are not where we want them to be yet, our project activity has taken a significant and encouraging turn over the last two months. A few things to note in that regard are...

  • 69-percent reduction in administrative costs from last year

We were able to cut cost and still meet our customers' needs.

  • 50-percent increase in craft personnel in the past month

Our talent acquisition group is busy trying to source enough personnel to meet our needs.

  • Re-purposed a fabrication resource to support training

We worked to remove lag time from the on-boarding process to get our new hires to the shop floor as they are needed (thanks Kallam Darby!).

  • Continue to leverage internal project resources

Our other project groups are sharing available craft resources with fabrication to help meet short-term needs.

  • Multiple multi-service line projects

The increase in fabrication activity is in support of larger projects involving all of our project service lines. It has been a team effort integrating our services.

  • Leading by example & willing to do what it takes to win 

Some of our key fabrication leaders—Gavin Leblanc, Jerry Hendricks Jr., Santiago DeLeon—have stepped out of their day-to-day roles and gone back on their tools to help push work out while we work on increasing resources. With this shift, Ethan Allemand has stepped up to hold down the fort for all technical aspects.

With an active workload and a healthy pipeline of activity ahead of us, the next couple of months will be a great test of the effectiveness of our strategy and our ability to perform accordingly. We have a great team that is willing to do what it takes to rise to the challenge and get the job done safely and effectively.

Mark Danos

Mark began his career at Danos in the Larose fabrication shop as a blaster / helper during his high school summers. After a long hiatus from Danos involving a stint at LSU to get his mechanical engineering degree, a year of mission work in Kenya, and 10 years with ExxonMobil doing project work around the world, Mark returned in 2013. Mark is an owner and executive responsible for project services.


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