4WARD: Fabrication Focus


By: Eric Hood

On May 1st, Danos fabrication reached 8 years of incident-free operation. In those 8 years, we’ve worked over one million man hours without an incident. Think about how many decisions were made in this time frame. This type of milestone is not achieved by luck but by commitment. 

Each hour that employees worked was an opportunity to make the wrong decision or take a shortcut, but they held true to our values and their commitment to doing it right. This in turn led to everyone returning home safely to their families every day for eight years and counting. We should all be proud to be a part of this achievement.

Eric Hood

Eric began his career with Danos as a welder's helper in 1996 and then a welder/fitter in 1997. In 2000 he was promoted to project coordinator and has worn many hats since that time. He is currently the fabrication operations manager.


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