4WARD: Fabrication Focus


By: Mark Danos

As noted over the last several months, our fabrication focus has helped us to distinguish between yard capability, aspirations, and current market opportunities. With a more intentional approach, we are seeing an encouraging trend that we have not seen in nearly 2 years—a growing backlog. The fabrication backlog is a measure of the health of our shop and translates to how long we can keep the shop busy with no additional work.

We hope for a few weeks of backlog to act as a buffer while our sales team seeks additional opportunities to fill the pipeline. Over the last 2 years, we have had almost no backlog. This meant that we were finishing up one job and hoping for another to come through before we ran out of work. Currently, we are actively trying to add resources to meet schedule demands of our customers with a 6-month and growing back log.

To put this in perspective, here are a few recent wins:

  • Completed Williams Pine Needle project – 6,500 man hours over 9 weeks
  • Signed contract for Shell Stones pancake deck – 12,500 man hours over 23 weeks
  • Station 62 project – 10,000 man hours over 12 weeks
  • Hess Stampede fab support – 1,000 man hours over 4 weeks
  • Receiving structure for Terrebonne flood control system – 15,000 man hours over 13 weeks currently in bid phase that we feel we are in a good position to win
  • Consistent and growing in frequency short turn around construction support

We are encouraged at the level of activity that seems to be steadily increasing. The team is doing a great job not only working safely but executing well. That combination is what keeps our customers coming back for additional support and makes an impression with new customers to come our way.

Mark Danos

Mark began his career at Danos in the Larose fabrication shop as a blaster / helper during his high school summers. After a long hiatus from Danos involving a stint at LSU to get his mechanical engineering degree, a year of mission work in Kenya, and 10 years with ExxonMobil doing project work around the world, Mark returned in 2013. Mark is an owner and executive responsible for project services.


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