4WARD: Four Focus Areas for 2017


By: The Pipeline

In the December 2016 Pipeline, Paul Danos announced the 4 “Priority 1” Strategic Initiatives for 2017. The work you do plays an important part in the success of these initiatives and our entire organization. To help keep you in the know about the progress and challenges with the 4WARD initiatives, beginning today, we will provide weekly updates in The Pipeline.

  • Fabrication Focus: Precision is an essential aspect of our work at Danos. To make the best use of our resources, we must continue sharpening the focus of our fabrication opportunities in 2017. Our Amelia Integrated Services Complex (AISC) already stands as a showcase of our strong capabilities. Moving forward, we’ll carefully develop a strategic direction designed to take advantage of market and customer opportunities that best match the unique capabilities of the AISC.
  • Permian Pursuit: As the importance of shale increases, we need to continue building on our great momentum in the Permian Basin – even considering growth through acquisition. We’ll staff and develop an organization for this region that is capable of executing additional Danos service lines such as Construction, Project Management, Automation and Coatings, while also supporting integrated (non-silo) service lines. As this model continues to succeed in the Permian, we’ll work toward implementing it in other shale geographies where we do business.
  • Efficient Execution: Danos is known for providing the most responsive, integrated end-to-end services – maintaining the highest quality, safety and efficiency.Still, an ever-increasing client demand for lower pricing keeps us pushing for ways to further streamline our operations. This requires a bigger-picture systemic approach. We will work to become more efficient through innovation across all of our organizational processes and execution models.
  • Driving Development: Perhaps nothing helps set Danos apart more than our incredible team. This year, we will continue strengthening an overall culture of development that enables transformational learning. This involves systems and structures such as our field leadership development program. We’ll focus not only on improving technical skills, but also on fostering a culture where every employee is empowered and involved in the development of themselves and their team members.


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