4WARD: Permian Pursuit


By: Eric Danos

One of the core strategies of Permian Pursuit is to execute multiple lines of business in the Permian. We believe that an integrated service model improves the value we deliver to our customers and sets us apart from our competition in a way that is difficult for them to copy. Another benefit is that multiple lines of business gives us a more stable operations base to respond to changes in the market that will happen over time.

Until recently we have not had much traction to growing product lines outside of Production. That is now changing. In last few months we’ve taken several steps forward in being able to deliver multiple lines of business.

The first major step was the acquisition of the assets of Renegade. This gave us an entry into facilities maintenance and construction work and allows us to expand the base of skilled project employees on the Danos team. More recently, Michael Myers joined Danos as US land construction manager. On the same day that Mike joined Danos we commenced a significant construction project in the Permian. Our scope on this project was the removal of tanks before installing and hooking up a new set of tanks.

Our sales team is doing a good job of finding customers and providing them the benefits of Danos’ integrated services. We normally double-team customers by selling to their field personnel in the Permian and corporate staff in Houston. This takes a coordinated effort on behalf of our sales team. That sales effort has paid off recently. One of the largest operators in Permian is fast-tracking an MSA for us. This operator has a shortage of service providers that could end up impacting their growth plans. What is equally exciting about adding them as a new customers is that they want to change how Project Services are delivered in the Permian. We will be working toward a more integrated approach to save project delivery time and improve the customer’s shareholder return.

There continues to be a tremendous amount of growth and opportunities in the Permian. We are doing a considerable amount of work to position Danos to be a major part of this market going forward.

Eric Danos

Eric Danos oversees the company’s finance, safety, human resources and land activities. A third-generation owner and member of the Danos Board of Directors, Eric began his career at Danos in 2004 as an operations manager for the international labor division. Eric has a B.S. in Marketing from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


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