7 & 7 February 2016


By: David Gravois

If you could witness any event of the past, what would it be?

Jeremy Adkins - Be part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Rocky Kiffe - In March 1975, the members of Led Zeppelin showed up at the Maison Bourbon Jazz Club in the French Quarter after having played the Municipal Auditorium earlier in the night and quietly played a 45 minute set in front of only a handful of patrons as a nightcap. I’d take that.

Issac Dantin - To be standing alongside the disciples as they stared into the clouds during the ascension of Jesus.

Larry Fonseca - The mass extinction of the dinosaurs with a video camera, so I could finally say to all skeptics “See I told you that aliens abducted the dinosaurs”.

Kayla Ledet - The Cubs winning the World Series.

Dawn Melancon - My parents' marriage.

Lee Rea – Napoleon Dynamite’s skit for Pedro Sanchez’s class presidential campaign.

What Mario Kart character is your favorite?

Jeremy Adkins - Yoshi, of course.

Rocky Kiffe - Yoshi all day.

Issac Dantin - It’s on like “Donkey Kong”!

Larry Fonseca - Donkey Kong, everyone’s favorite barrel throwing, banana eating primate and Mario’s original nemesis.

Kayla Ledet - I’m not familiar with this but by looking at the pictures of each character, I would say Bowser because that’s what my inner warrior looks like.

Dawn Melancon - Koopa Troopa

Lee Rea – Since I probably haven’t played “Mario Kart” since I was 12 , I had to consult a nerdy website called “AVclub.com” (for the first and last time).  I’ll have to go with Rosalina, because according to their analysis of all 30 “Mario Kart” characters, “Whenever she’s crowned level champion, she simply declares, ‘That’s right.’”

If you could only keep five material possessions, what would they be?

Jeremy Adkins - The watch my grandfather gave to me, my favorite koozie, my favorite pair of camp pants, my large black iron gumbo pot, and my travel sized copy of The Book of Common Prayer.

Rocky Kiffe - My truck, house, money, drums, and LaPhonso Ellis rookie card.

Issac Dantin - My first study Bible, my dad’s old guitar, my 24’ Carolina Skiff loaded down with fishing & shrimping equipment, my mud boat loaded down with hunting equipment & my wedding album in case my wife reads this!

Larry Fonseca - A set of clothes (you can thank me for that one),  my car, my house, my bed, and some rich person’s bank account.

Kayla Ledet - My house, car, guitar, spartan shoes, and chap stick.

Dawn Melancon - All of my children’s baby pictures, my grandmother’s rocker, my daddy’s favorite flannel shirt, my car, and my home.

Lee Rea - My security blanket, ipad with my kindle library, a large toiletry bag filled with the basics- toothbrush, deodorant, etc. (assuming that counts as one thing), a bike since one tank of gas won’t get me very far (and for the exercise, of course), and a refrigerator stocked with cheese (assuming I have power).

What would you name the next hurricane?

Jeremy Adkins - Texas A&M Aggies.  Because they generally don’t do much damage when they come to Louisiana.

Rocky Kiffe - Hurricane Bobcat Goldthwait.

Issac Dantin - “Hurricane Joni”.  I didn’t have to think about this one at all.  Come watch her work!

Larry Fonseca - Super-Deathinator 3000, that way everyone evacuates. No one leaves for nice sounding storm names like Nancy.

Kayla Ledet - Lulu because it doesn’t sound like something destructive.

Dawn Melancon - Hurricane Coon Gravois

Lee Rea - Ted

If you wish you could play one musical instrument, what would it be?

Jeremy Adkins - Is auto-tune a musical instrument?  If not, the fiddle.

Rocky Kiffe - Bass guitar (so I could teach Scott Theriot)

Issac Dantin - A loud Piano to drown out my singing!

Larry Fonseca - Bagpipes, definitely bagpipes. I would even be willing to play them for people during our lunch.

Kayla Ledet - Drums. I think it would be fun and a good workout.

Dawn Melancon – Piano.

Lee Rea – The bongos.  I’m pretty good!

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Jeremy Adkins - Why did you tell Noah to bring the mosquitoes on the ark?

Rocky Kiffe - Who shot first? Han or Greedo?

Issac Dantin - I ask Him too many already, but if I had to choose the one in my head now… What was inside the FedEx box at the end of the movie Cast Away???  We need to know!!!

Larry Fonseca - What were you thinking when you created mosquitoes and love-bugs?

Kayla Ledet - What is heaven really like?

Dawn Melancon - I’d ask him how many times has my daddy made him laugh so far…

Lee Rea – What will happen with the price of oil?

Why do you work for Danos?

Jeremy Adkins - They were convinced they had something special and asked me to be a part of it.  I was, and still am, convinced this is a special place.

Rocky Kiffe - Because I was offered a wonderful opportunity to learn, better myself, and grow within an organization that treats me like family.

Issac Dantin - Simply put…  Any company that places “Honoring God” as their first statement in their purpose has my attention.  Working for a company that demonstrates that purpose has my loyalty.

Larry Fonseca - The ideals that everyone in the Danos family lives by and have instilled in this company are unheard of in today’s society. When I was presented with this opportunity, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be part of this special place.

Kayla Ledet - The values, the family atmosphere and genuinely nice people.

Dawn Melancon - I work for Danos because of my children, because of the Danos values, because they honor God…and so do I!

Lee Rea – Because they moved to Gray, it’s a much easier commute from New Orleans than Larose! I also enjoyed working with Danos as a client for five years before I came on board. Working here has exceeded my expectations. There is a reason everyone loves working here!

David Gravois

David joined Danos in 2012 and has been a member of the talent acquisition and human resources teams. In his current role as internal communication coordinator, David serves as Danos’ point of contact for all communication targeting staff and field employees. Prior to joining Danos, he worked as a university admissions counselor for 5 years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Nicholls State University.


Richard Mott || 09-Mar-2016 12:48 PM
Rocky Kiffe- "LaPhonso Ellis rookie card" lol
Heather Hendrix || 22-Feb-2016 11:22 AM
I LOVE these 7&7 Articles! They always make me laugh.

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