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By: Eric Danos

It’s been no secret that Danos has many tremendous leaders.  Our customers often tell me this is one of the reasons we are successful.  Recently our leadership team was talking about this, and we were challenged that we have not done enough to develop the next generation of leaders.  Our next generation leaders are already working here.  I’m confident they are capable of solving all sorts of challenges.  It’s our job as an organization to develop them.  In a nutshell, this is our Purpose. 

As a direct result of our Purpose, we’ve made leadership development one of our core strategic goals.  In the last few months we’ve made good progress through two training programs: Safety Champions and the Field Leadership Forum.  Some of you have attended one or both of these, and if you haven’t already, I hope that you will. 

One thing that comes up often when we’re talking to employees in these classes is how uncertain things are in our industry.  Just about every one of our customers is spending a significant amount of time reacting to changes in the market, and we are reacting in step with them. It is always difficult to be forced into change; however the good that comes from this is that we are creating new ways of working, new ways of helping our customers. We will certainly be a stronger company for having faced and solved these challenges. 

I would like to bring our focus back to things that don’t change – our values and purpose. These are what make up the culture of Danos. We’re committed to not allowing these things be changed by any market – good or bad.   I believe it is part of everyone’s job who works at Danos – not just the leadership team – to protect the culture of our company. Culture is what makes Danos special, and it is one of the reasons why we will continue to succeed. 

We recently transitioned a group of employees off a Danos contract as we completed the customer’s project.  While we were saying our goodbyes, we began receiving some amazing letters from this great group of employees.  I’ll share some of them with you here, because I believe they affirm that we do have a great culture, we are doing the right things in living our purpose and values, and we have awesome people. Thanks to you all for being a part of our team!

Letters from employees

Matt (Schexnayder),

I wanted to say thanks for everything over the last 3 1/2 years.  It has been a pleasure working with you and Danos.  I can honestly say Danos is the best company I have ever worked for.  Please pass this on to the Danos family. Let them know they treat their employees right and it is very much appreciated!!!  All the Danos team has been wonderful to work for and I have had nothing but praise for them. One other person that I MUST recognize is Mai Nguyen. She has done the best job I could ever ask for and more keeping up with all of our needs while at home and overseas. Please pass this message on so that everyone can get the recognition they deserve.

-Eric Zander

If there ever was a time in my career that a company and its associates had made an individual push themselves to higher levels, Danos has done just that for me and for that I am more than grateful. By putting God first, personal investment, commitment to service, and most of  all…the genuine compassion to care for the people that make Danos what it is today are only a few unprecedented attributes that make this transition so difficult. Danos’ dedication and sacrifice to develop the international division may seem in vain, but the seed that Danos has instilled in me and the team will carry on.

-Jackie Colston

I am working on 7 years with Danos and don't regret one day of being employed by the company. It by far has been the best company and leaders I have ever worked for in my oilfield career. I will personally stop by the office to shake everyone's hand and say thanks for a wonderful 7 years and please don't forget about me. 


-Robbie Hebert

I just wanted to take a minute and thank y'all for the chance to work with your awesome company and outstanding people. Your people were there to help any time something was not right from travel issues to issues at work. Y'all are very special people and in this day and age it's getting harder to find companies like Danos. I’m going to miss the way y'all treat your employees like family, not just people that work for you. Hopefully one day we will be able to work with each other again.

-Christopher Patterson

I would like to THANK YOU for the job you have done for me and everybody else over the last 3 years. You have done an outstanding job with every issue I've brought to you. You are one of a kind and are really good at your job. Once again THANK YOU. Keep in touch.   

-Rick Jones

Hello Mai (Nguyen),

Thank you so much for the help you gave me. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided. Every time I’ve had a concern about my flight, you are always there to help. Even when it is late at night in the US, you still replied to my e-mail.


It's been a good ride.  Thanks for everything you and Danos have done for me.  

-David Fluitt 

I would like to thank you all of you guys for the great help and assistance you have extended to us while working with Danos. I will be missing all of you (Matt Schexnayder, Mai Nguyen, EG Danos managers, payroll staff and others).


Eric Danos

Eric Danos oversees the company’s finance, safety, human resources and land activities. A third-generation owner and member of the Danos Board of Directors, Eric began his career at Danos in 2004 as an operations manager for the international labor division. Eric has a B.S. in Marketing from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


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