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By: The Pipeline

While most of us are keenly aware of the industry’s ongoing downturn, many may not be aware that, as a result of the down market, our customers are demanding rate reductions, which means we are generating less revenue despite working more man hours; and many customer projects that we were pursuing have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed, which means we have fewer projects on the horizon. Taking proactive, cost-saving measures now will ensure our ability to remain competitive in the current marketplace and to better serve our customers.

The budget adjustments that were implemented earlier this month are:

  • a reduction in overhead expenditures that includes: advertising and marketing, car allowances, travel and customer events;

  • the elimination of planned positions;

  • job responsibility changes for some employees and salary adjustments as appropriate for the updated responsibilities; and

  • the elimination of 5 staff positions. (Please note: every employee whose position has been eliminated has been notified.)

To more efficiently serve our customers, the following employees have taken on new responsibilities within team Danos. Please help me in supporting these coworkers as they embrace their new roles and help us move closer to realizing the company’s PURPOSE – Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.


Steve Radatovich is transitioning from the role of Controller at API to Accounting Manager at Danos. His new responsibilities include management of the payroll department, financial planning, audits and compliance. Steve will continue to operate as API’s Controller until September 1.

Jacey Blanchard is transitioning to Special Projects Coordinator and her new responsibilities include oversight of the Environmental Division, as well as auditing, compliance, and special projects for the team.


David Gravois is transitioning to a Human Resources and Marketing Administrator role. His new responsibilities include providing new hire support, executing the social media communication strategy and producing Danos’ e-newsletter, The Pipeline.


Jeremy Adkins is transitioning to the Employee Development Manager. His new responsibilities include leading the execution of strategies for field employee development and management of the training team, who primarily works on field employee compliance training.

Mark Simoneaux is transitioning to the Training Lead. His new responsibility is to focus on building and expanding our in-house programs for compliance training.

I am confident that we have the best team in place to help us navigate this temporary industry downturn. We will continue to make financially prudent decisions and invest in areas that position Danos to win new opportunities. As an organization, we will remain nimble and responsive to our customers’ needs, which means we must be prepared to staff up or down depending on project requirements. Danos is financially strong, and we will remain that way by staying laser-focused on our purpose and by making wise, and at times tough, decisions.

Thank you for your commitment to Danos.

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