A Safe Mash-Up


By: James Heney

Construction Superintendent Thomas “Jeff” Lander, a 16-year employee recently assigned to a deep water production platform, was acknowledged by our customer and Danos leadership for his contribution to maintaining a safe work environment.

In preparation for an upcoming shutdown, Jeff and an offshore engineer were performing field verifications on a pressure safety valve (PSV) when Jeff noticed that an existing flange on some process piping where the PSV bolts up to was of an insufficient pressure rating.  The pressure rating of the incorrect flange was only half of what was required for the line.  Where only a 300lb flange was in use, a 600lb rating flange was required, creating the potential for the flange to fail from over-pressurization.   

Jeff’s attention to detail and keen situational awareness allowed him to recognize this hazard within his workplace.  His bias to action, or ability to act and take ownership of outcomes, is the Danos High Performance Culture trait exhibited by Jeff,  thus preventing an incident which could have placed the safety of facility personnel in jeopardy and possibly leading to a loss of containment.


James Heney

Jim joined Danos as a HSE superintendent on the JSM project in 2014. Jim is a former BSEE inspector and has worked for the USDOE on the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve and was on the US Air Force Inspector General's team as an inspector. He is a 24-year retired veteran of the US Air Force.


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