A WATCH-ful Eye


By: Rene Vidrine

Thank you to Water Transfer Operator Franklin Barr for submitting a near miss WATCH card while on a job in Sweden Valley.

While draining out a pump with an air compressor, air went through a check valve, which added pressure on the suction of a pump. Franklin noted that his coworker went to take the hose off, but he stopped him from disconnecting the hose without first bleeding off the pressure through a ball valve.

As a result, Franklin and his coworker now both double check all values for trapped pressure.

Great job, Franklin, for your commitment to Danos’ value of safety!


Rene Vidrine

Rene joined Danos in 2006 as a safety specialist. In 2012, he was one of the employees leading the operational efforts in the Permian Basin. Because of these efforts, Rene was named 2015 staff employee of the year. He currently serves as production services operations lead.


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