Additions to the Work Safe Oath


By: The Pipeline

Two additional elements have been added to the Danos Work Safe Oath: Proper prevention of potential dropped objects and use of appropriate PPE at all times.  Both of these elements are important and necessary to help maintain a stronger safety culture.

In 2018, we have experienced several injuries related to hands. While hand placement and hazard identification are our focus to prevent hand injuries, we’ve found that PPE or using proper PPE were absent. We have also seen an increase in dropped objects over the last couple of years. We need improvement in that area as well.

We are working diligently to help communicate these messages through coaching and training. We are asking you to recommit to the Danos Work Safe Oath. Your training numbers will show non-compliant until you have taken the time to review the new Work Safe Oath and show your commitment and support. Together we can help build upon a strong safety culture and take it from good to great! You can click the link below to download the form, sign it and turn it in to your supervisor or manager. You can also login to the Danos intranet and review it within the computer-based training section.

Thanks for all you do…

Your Safety Team

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