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After 35 years serving the oil and gas industry, Alan Broxson has officially retired.

Before joining Danos, Alan held senior-level management positions with CAMCO, Baker Hughes, NATCO and Weatherford in the U.S., United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia Pacific areas. During his time with Danos, he played an essential role integrating API Control Solutions into the Danos organization and expanding the capabilities and offerings of the automation service line.

His impact on Danos is best told through the words of his colleagues…

David Poe

I met Alan in 1985, when we both were working for Camco International. He knew a LOT about doing business overseas in the new markets of the Far East and the Middle East. After meeting Alan again in 1988, it was very apparent that if you treated people right - you could make a lot of money while having the experiences of a lifetime that others may only be able to dream about. One thing that is obvious about Alan is his vision to see “what can be.” To get there, Danos management has benefited from being around Alan, specifically when he is constantly asking, “what is the plan to move forward if you were in charge?

With Alan leaving for retirement, you can bet he has a plan because he is finally in charge. (Don't tell his wife Anita)

Eric Jarvis

I am very fortunate to have been able to work closely with Alan over the last few years. He has been a key influence on myself from both a professional and personal standpoint. His commitment to the growth and success of integrating API into Danos successfully was always on display. No matter the distance or time spent away from home, Alan unselfishly dedicated himself to both the individual and company’s success. From a sales perspective, he could always be counted on for advice and assistance in meetings with prospective customers. His experience in business and in life is what made him unique and the key to how he was able to cultivate strong relationships within our organization. When working with Alan he would always want to know first how the family was and my son’s baseball season, then we would talk business. It was his dedication to family first that made him successful in business and Danos was part of his family. I wish him the best in his retirement from the business world and know he will enjoy his time watching the animals on his ranch, umpiring softball, watching Colson play baseball, his various charitable duties, and spending time with his family.

Felix Dominique

I met Alan a few years before the Danos/API transition, and it was not a good experience for me. I did not really talk to him much back then and ended up not liking him too much. In November 2013, a mutual friend of ours told me that Alan had asked for my phone number and wanted to know if I wanted to talk to him. I thought about it and said “what the hell,” talk is cheap. Well here we are almost four years later, and I now consider Alan a close friend, adviser, mentor and confidant. Working with Alan the last 3 plus years has been a pleasure, and I will always be grateful for the times we spent together. I was able to learn so much from him on things that I was weak in. If there is one thing I got from him, it was helping me understand the finer points of the marketing and sales part of the business. I never had much respect for salesmen before I worked with Alan, but now I appreciate all the hard work a polished sales team actually does.

Lucas Comeaux

I was able to spend some good quality time with Alan during our frequent trips to Gray. He shared some great stories from his international travels and had some helpful advice for whatever I was involved in at the time – business or personal. One thing I’ll remember from my time with Alan was the importance of word choice. Whether on a sales call, communicating with co-workers or working on project proposals, he just had a knack for making warm, dead cow sound more like hot, juicy steak (or something like that). I do appreciate his tireless efforts throughout the integration of API and for pushing me to further my education. I’m sure he’s enjoying umpiring right about now, and keep an eye out for his MLB-bound grandson!

Paul Danos

Alan fit into our culture immediately. He did a great job of bringing a business development/sales mindset to the Automation Services group. He always worked well with people from all areas of the company and was willing to help out anywhere he was needed. If something went well, he was the first one to share the credit and provide a compliment to anyone who deserved it.

Thank you, Alan, for your years of service to the company. We wish you the best in your retirement!

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