Gettin' Out? Get 'em On!


By: Issac Dantin

In less than 5 weeks, we have had 4 finger-injury recordables, two of which, employees were not wearing gloves. As a company, we have worked very hard to build an incredible safety culture. To have this threatened simply because someone chose not to wear gloves is unacceptable. To continue to be seen as a safety leader, we must re-focus. We must be our brother’s keeper.

We are pushing a hand-safety campaign called, “Getting Out? Get ‘Em On!” We will be giving out stickers and glove clips in the near future to help combat these injuries, but you can start this conversation today. If someone isn’t wearing their gloves, stop them. Have that conversation. 

When on deck, in the field, or in the shop, wear your gloves. Walking from point A to point B, wear your gloves. When you get out of the forklift, crane, backhoe, etc., put them on. When you get leave the galley, break room, or truck, you guessed it…put them on.

You can be one of many that cares enough to help get us back to where we belong; leading the industry, not blending in.

Issac DantinIssac began his career at Danos in 1996 as a roustabout at the Leeville shorebase and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named Field Employee of the Year in 2007 and was later hired on by Chevron. He returned to Danos in 2010 and currently serves as safety director.


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