All in a Days Training


By: Matt Kelso

When Ryan Dupuis, Instrument Technician, woke up in Houston to attend training, little did he know that his training skills in another discipline would be put to the test. 

Ryan was turned away from training on Monday due to the torrential rain in Houston. On his way back to the hotel, Ryan stopped to help stranded motorists stuck in flood waters. Ryan, a volunteer fireman from Mamou, LA, used his experience to assist Houston police and fire departments for the day. 

Ryan said, "It is my passion to perform EMS/ firefighting duties. I swore an oath to serve and protect life and property in 2009. I take that oath very seriously. I train very hard to give the best possible help and care to all citizens regardless of location. I am glad to be a part of the Danos family who shows full support for my emergency services career whether I am on shore or offshore." Thank you Ryan for living the Danos values both personally and professionally.

Matt Kelso

Matt is currently an account manager in the Production Services Division. He came to work for Danos in 2013 as an operations assistant and was promoted to account manager in 2014. Matt graduated from Nicholls State University in 1998.


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