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Answers to Guess Who?


By: The Pipeline

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


  • Run the 100 meter dash against Usain Bolt and cross the finish line ahead of him (without him being hurt or limping of course).


  • Shape-shifting. Is that one word or two?


  • Super smarts (like Limitless), then I would never have to take notes again – which is good because most of the time I cannot read my own notes, so I know no one else can.


  • Fly – I would love to have the ability to get a bird’s eye view of things and simply zoom off from place to place…no traffic, no looking for a parking spot, no more gas stops. What a wonderful perspective of life it would be from above.

What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?


  • Horseback riding/camping trip in the mountains of Wyoming or Montana.

  • Duck  hunt extravaganza plenty ducks plenty shot gun shells no limits.

  • Explore New Zealand.


  • Drift a stream in Canada for a week while living off the fish I catch.

  • Learn conversational French or Spanish then live abroad for a month to practice the language and travel. One of my kids is conversant in French. Maybe he can teach me.

  • Rent a houseboat, take my kids out of school, and travel the intracoastal waterway from Louisiana to New Jersey as a family. My wife doesn’t share my passion for this one yet, but I’m working on it!


  • Go to Israel.

  • Complete a full iron man triathlon.

  • Spend 3 months in South of France (eating and relaxing)…I figure if I survive the first 2 on the list, I can relax for a bit!


  • Not sure if these are my top three but definitely on my bucket list:

  • Live somewhere outside of the US for an extended time with my family. 

  • Go hiking and fly fishing in Patagonia.

  • Visit all 7 continents.

If you could eat at only one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would it be?


  • Café Giovanni in New Orleans. Love that Italian. Can I walk over to Dickie Brennen’s once in a while for a steak?


  • Mexican.  Not La Casa; the good stuff.


  • Only eating at one restaurant for the rest of my life sounds like torture…  if I must choose, my grandfather would be so proud if I chose Piccadilly, b/c there are so many wonderful choices, but I am going to have to go with R’Evolution in NO.  The charcuterie board is the best I have had anywhere.  Make sure you find some good fois gras on the menu as well.


  • Izzo’s – I am not picky or a foodie so it’s all about quick, easy, and healthy.

If you could recommend one book, what would it be? 


  • If the Bible is a given then it would be D-Day by Stephen Ambrose. Planning – Risk – Heroes – Sacrifice. Freedom fought for and my privilege to live in it. 


  • Let’s take the bible as a given.  Next in line of recent books I’ve read that I recommend are The Boys in the Boat and Empire of the Summer Moon. 


  • I know you meant to say one serious book and one for fun and that the Bible is not an option b/c that is too obvious… so I suggest for fun you read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  For serious self-improvement, go with Desiring God by John Piper.


  • Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar.  Everyone needs to read this book…and then read it again in a couple of years…and then again in a few more years.  What matters most is not how you start but how you finish the race of life.  What are you doing today to influence that? 

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