Are you Prepared?


By: Stephen Gros

Forecasters are calling for a more active Atlantic hurricane season this year. With the 2016 total for named storms already at 3, it appears this season will be a busy one. Whether at work or home, now is the time to ensure all of our emergency plans and equipment are up to date and functioning properly. 

Do not wait until faced with an imminent threat to make preparations. Below you will find a couple of documents that can be shared with your work groups to help foster discussions on the necessary steps we all should be taking to keep ourselves, our families and our facilities safe in preparation for and cleaning up after a storm.

Stephen Gros

Stephen joined Danos in 2000 as a computer programmer. Since then, he has worked in production operations as a personnel coordinator and then an account manager.  In 2012, he accepted a position in the safety department as a safety specialist for the Coatings and I&E Divisions. Stephen graduated from Nicholls State University with a BS in Computer Information Systems and has been NACE I certifified since 2014.


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