Assisting with Rope Access


By: Josh Gravois

A Danos rope access crew recently wrapped up a project in coordination with our construction group for customer Third Coast Midstream. The rope access team assisted construction in isolating the flare system on MP-260 so that they could install a new pump and spool piping to help production on the asset.

While the flare was isolated, the rope access crew replaced the flare tip igniter a few hundred feet above the platform. Because rope access provided a more efficient alternative to scaffolding in this situation, Danos was able to provide the customer integrated services as well as cost savings. 

Great job to both crews! 


Josh Gravois

Josh graduated with a bachelor's degree in construction management from LSU in 2002. He has worked in the oilfield since 2010 and at Danos as a construction & scaffolding project manager since 2013. Josh enjoys LSU sports, the outdoors, rib-eye steaks and spending time with his family.


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