Bayou Market at Headquarters


By: Jay York

We have been collecting feedback on Bayou Market options and continue to work diligently to adjust and improve our daily offerings.  Much goes on behind the scenes to enhance the flavor profiles and nutritional content of our meals.  Please see the listing below of enhancements that are either in queue or have already begun.

  • Low Sodium Options

Our turkey, beef and ham selections are now all Boar’s Head Brand low sodium meats.  These are whole cuts sliced in house and are some of the highest quality available.  We continue to source low sodium pork and are now using low sodium blackening seasoning on our chicken option.  Additionally, we are beginning to rotate low sodium soup options to accommodate those with sodium content concerns.

  • Soups

We have begun utilizing our surplus vegetables to prepare stocks for our house made broth-based soups.  This provides for a fresher product and improves flavor all while helping to keep our food costs low.

  • Hot Meals

We are currently offering bi-weekly hot meals and intend to move toward a weekly offering very soon.

  • Half Wrap

Feedback suggests that a half wrap portion that would allow a soup or salad accompaniment would be a favorable option.  Smaller wraps are being sourced that will allow this in the coming weeks. 

  • Ordering Application

We are enjoying reduced wait times and expedited service through use of the Bayou Market ordering app.  Please continue to utilize this tool when possible as it helps to streamline our operations and allows for better preparedness for our food staff.

We hope you continue to find value in our services and appreciate the effort applied toward providing a healthy and happy dining experience.  As always, please continue to submit feedback via the HQ Suggestion Box option in the intranet service request tool.

Jay York

Jay currently serves as asset manager. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in finance from Nicholls State University and has held many positions within Danos since joining in May of 2007.


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