Bias to Action - Bryan Chaisson


By: Melissa Adams


Bryan Chaisson our accounts payable manager and Danos employee of 20 years is a subscriber to an accounts payable newsletter that is designed to keep him up to date on the latest trends of the industry. He was contacted by the newsletter to submit success stories regarding best practices for accounts payable processing. Bryan shared a great success story with the newsletter that is a reflection of our High Performance Traits “Bias To Action” and “Passionate about Winning.”

Our 1099 processing was always a challenge and was a task that was always left to finalize at the end of the year. He directed a process of doing the TIN matching on new vendors monthly instead of at the end of the year which positively affected this process and resulted in a lot less stress at year end for the department. This action showed real results in that after this change we have received zero IRS “B” notices for mistakes in our data.

Bryan's story was chosen for publication in the newsletter with his name and Danos listed as submitted. This is a great story of our High Performance Traits in action with a real world example of how these traits help us deliver to our customers and to Danos.


Melissa Adams

Melissa began her career with Danos in 2007 in the Accounting department.  She worked on special projects, as billing manager, international controller and in her current position as corporate controller.  She was selected as Danos Staff Employee of the Year for 2013.  She holds a MBA in finance and a undergraduate degree in business.  She holds a current certification as Certified Management Accountant.


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