Bias to Action - Amos Young


By: Brady Hebert

Amos Young, Danos employee working at EI 360 , was part of a team that changed out a Firewater Pump at EI 360. (Eugene Island 360 - Remember last week's post about Gulf of Mexico locations?) This may seem like a normal task and part of their regular duties, but this task was scheduled to be handled by one of our Construction Crews. This would have caused us to pull resources from somewhere else or mobilize another crew just for this 1 day project. This team came on board after crew change and developed a plan and safely accomplished it before noon the same day. By them taking the initiative to change out Firewater Pump without bringing out additional resources was a big win for us. We'd like to recognize Mr. Young with for his efforts going above and beyond.

Brady Hebert

Brady Hebert joined Danos in 2002 as an entry-level production operator. He worked his way through the ranks and was a lead operator until joining the staff as an account manager in 2010. Brady now serves as a senior account manager for the Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.


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