Bias to Action in Appalachia


By: The Pipeline

Danos operators Nathan Branham and Chad Hughes working for Noble Energy, West Virginia were approached by a third party contractor in the area informing them that there was a vehicle parked in the middle of the road with a driver from the community asleep.

Nathan and Chad arrived on scene and found the driver of the vehicle to be breathing, but unresponsive when asked if he was okay. The third party operator placed a call to 911, while Nathan and Chad began directing traffic in order to prevent an accident until local law enforcement and medical personnel arrived on scene to deal with the situation. The driver was placed into custody for a DUI and local law enforcement stayed on scene to await the arrival of a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the road way.

Would like to give "KUDOS" to these two operators for handling the situation in a professional manner and saving the driver from a horrible accident/death. These actions are what we strive for within the company to continue to be Ambassador's of our brand as Safety Manager Issac Dantin has mentioned throughout our leadership training! We are out there promoting our company throughout the entire small town community and ensuring their safety as well as our own.

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