Big Safety Recognition in Big Lake


By: Brandon Patterson

I want to recognize our Danos employees currently working for EP Energy in the Big Lake, Texas office. During the safety meeting on Thursday, our employees were recognized by Phil Ladner with EP Energy for the observations they have written since the beginning of 2017. A total of 546 observation cards have been turned in by the 13 Danos employees working in the Big Lake office, with Shawn Odom having turned in 112 of the 546!

Knowing that our employees are observant and want to make the workplace safer for themselves and everyone around them is what both EP Energy and Danos take pride in. Danos employees at EP are going above and beyond to make the workplace safe and more productive. They are a perfect example of taking the Work Safe Oath to heart and representing Danos and our second-to-none safety culture.

Thank you to the following crew members for thinking about safety daily:

Pictured above from left to right

Trace Larson
Irving DelCarmen
Zach Fischer
Ryan Hamilton
Shawn Odom
Jarius Farris
Joe McGuffin
Juan Torres
Don Nguyen

Not pictured

Jeremy Ramsey
Antonio Avalos
Freddy Valdez

Brandon Patterson

Brandon joined Danos in June 2015 as a personnel coordinator in the Permian Basin. He was promoted to account manager in September 2016 and now manages accounts in Midland, Odessa, Andrews, and Big Lake, Texas.


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