Big Welcome in Amelia


By: Paul Robichaux

Danos, along with the assistance of LED FastStart hosted a job fair at Amelia Community Center on Wednesday Sept 10th. The job fair was prompted by our need to attract new employees for the waterfront fabrication facility being established in Amelia, set to open in October. The Job fair was deemed a huge success. We attracted just under 500 participants.

The purpose of the job fair was to share information about Danos plans for opening the new waterfront Fabrication Facility in Amelia as part of the larger expansion plans announced in 2013. Participants were afforded a slide show presentation about the fabrication facility to include types of fabrication planned and types of positions we expect to fill as well as the time line for getting the facility up and running. Participants were then afforded the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with a specialist in their field of interest.

We feel like we met our objective by sharing some information about Danos, the fabrication facility, the new office location in Gray and providing a positive Danos experience for nearly 500 new friends. Potential candidates in attendance represented 4 main job families of Crafts, Project Management, Maintenance Personnel and Accounting/Administration.

To pull off a successful event with 500 participants took a group effort from our Danos team.


Danos employees participating in the event: Andrew Sledge, Bruce Waguespack, David Gravois, Glenn Gros, Jason Lemoine, Joey Landry, Julie Mayet, Kent Lirette, Kevin Ramirez, Mike Collins, Marilyn Toups, Paul Robichaux, Renee Piper, Susan Mahfouz & Tommy Oliver.

Paul Robichaux

Paul is currently operations manager at the Larose Fabrication Yard. He began a career at Danos in 1979 as a roustabout for several years prior to pursuing a degree in Construction Management from LSU. After completing the degree and working many years in building construction, Paul returned to Danos in 1993.


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