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Bigler Stepping Up Bigtime


By: Paul Danos

I would like to recognize John Bigler for his efforts in leading the Williams Gunflint project to completion. While there is a large number of people who also did extraordinary work to make this job a success, John led the effort. This project consisted of fabrication of a 30’x 60’ deck that weighed 165 tons along with approximately 3,500 pipe welds. 

After the job was well underway, we found ourselves having to get reorganized on how we execute the work. John stepped in and became the primary conduit to the customer and organized the effort and plan to get the job done correctly, safely, and on schedule.  

Accomplishing this was critically important, because it was the first major job we were awarded in the Amelia yard, and Williams is one of our long-term customers. Our performance on this job greatly affects our position for future work. 

There is a very large number of people that contributed to the success of this project including Cory LeCompte, David LaGrange, Jerry Hendricks Jr, and many others. Thanks to all of those involved and a special thanks and recognition to John Bigler for leading the charge.

Paul Danos

Paul is an executive vice president and oversees the company’s strategic planning, business development, sales, and marketing efforts. He is a third-generation owner and serves on the Danos board of directors and is chairman of Danos’s Equatorial Guinea joint venture.


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