Bird's-eye View of Hydro Yard


By: Paul Robichaux

The photo above shows a labrynth of 10” pipe spools bolted together for a recent hydro test. For those of you not familiar with the process, each pipe spool after being welded in the fabrication shop is assembled then filled with water and pressurized for a hydrostatic test. The spools are tested to various pressures from 400# to 15000# depending on the design class rating of the intended piping system. Most hydro test in the yard are typically 3-4 spools bolted together, sometimes up to as many as 10 spools.

What was unique about the pipe in the photo, is that this shows an assembly of 26 spools & 8 valves, for two different locations and two different class rating. With some pre-planning, extra help and extra equipment, the crew was able to achieve 4 different, 4 hour hydro test in one day. The task was executed safely, resulting in a significant acceleration to the fabrication schedule for this activity. The piping has since been painted and shipped to location in East Texas.

The crew, lead by hydro superintendent Michael Theriot, included James Smith, Archie Duet, Brant Griffin, Sydney Fonville, Joel Encarnacion, Doug Chiasson, Shawn Paul, Cervando Reyes, Servando Torres & Jamie Vizier.‚Äč

Paul Robichaux

Paul is currently operations manager at the Larose Fabrication Yard. He began a career at Danos in 1979 as a roustabout for several years prior to pursuing a degree in Construction Management from LSU. After completing the degree and working many years in building construction, Paul returned to Danos in 1993.


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