Bizarre Weather Patterns for West Texas Team


By: John Able

The Permian Basin has been experiencing strange and severe weather over the past several weeks. From softball size hail to tornadoes, the Permian has seen most everything. This is a tornado seen by Pumper Larry Horn in Pecos, Texas on Monday, May 18th. This is one of several tornadoes that have touched down in the Permian Basin. 

We continue to be faced with bizarre and unpredictable weather in the region. We have seen days in the upper 90’s and the past couple of days going into this weekend were in the mid 50’s with cloud cover and wet, misty days. Flooding of well locations and highways seem to become somewhat of a norm in the region. Employees in the Permian are currently dealing with these environmental challenges along with the day-to-day safety issues associated with our oilfield tasks.

John Able

John is safety manager of shale safety in Midland. Before joining Danos in 2013, he was a flight medic. He is a retired firefighter paramedic and loves spending lots of time with his family hauling his son to rodeos across Texas, and New Mexico.


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