Bottle Caps for Paige


By: Kermit Menard

In October 2016, Zac Cary of Weatherford asked the entire Shell Olympus platform to start saving their plastic bottle caps. When asked why, his reply was that a young girl from Rayne, Louisiana has a failing liver and is waiting on a donor. Every 1,000 caps collected pays for one of her daily treatments on a dialysis machine while waiting. Without question, the Olympus community rallied behind this cause that same day.

The crew established a process of collecting and delivering the caps. ESS Rick Byrnes placed buckets at several locations throughout the galley and quarters to collect. At the end of the month, Rick collects the bottle caps and makes the hand off to Danos Materials Specialist Kermit Menard at crew change who weighs out with the bag of bottle caps. He then places the Olympus bottle caps on the porch of Mrs. Paige DuPont in Rayne, LA.

Once the crew reached their goal of 60 lbs. of caps in six months, Olympus Offshore Installation Manager Corky Yates requested that the crew continue collecting to help others in Rayne as needed since a process was already established.

To date, Olympus has collected and delivered a total of 37,740 plastic water bottle caps to pay for 37.74 treatments with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Kermit Menard

Kermit joined Danos in June of 2002 as a materials specialist. He is currently a Danos Safety Champion who serves as a helicopter deck assistant and muster taker on Shell's Olympus TLP.




Nicole Williams || 08-Jun-2017 11:35 AM
GREAT JOB BY THE OLYMPUS CREW!!! We're so proud to have you part of our team and living our purpose of "Helping to solve BIG challenges for our communities." Keep up the great work!

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